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AMC’s 12 Tips of Christmas

December 17, 2021


With Christmas right around the corner, we are in the giving spirit and have decided to gift you 12 tips for successful job hunting! Candidates, give these top tips a try and you might just land your dream job in 2022.

Keep reading for AMC’s twelve tips of Christmas… 


Tip #1 – Don’t be afraid of failure.


Maybe you’ve failed your first interview or maybe you’ve even failed a few, and now feel as though it is time to give up on the “dream job” you’ve been looking for.

Make sure you pick yourself up and never lose that confidence that made you go after your dream in the first place.

Remember, those who have failed are often the ones with the most character and the perfect company for you (and there is one out there!) will admire that perseverance.

– Caoimhe McCormick, Recruitment Consultant, IT



Tip #2 – Be yourself and be genuine.


Interviewers speak with so many candidates and can tell when you’re not being genuine. The best way to really leave an impression anyway is to be yourself – and to be honest about it. The last thing you want is to get the job and for your employer to quickly realise you aren’t the person you made yourself out to be.

– Will Cristobal, Recruitment Consultant, Capital Markets



Tip #3 – Spend time on your CV and LinkedIn profile.


This is usually the first thing a company or hiring manager will see about you and the better it is the better you will come across. It doesn’t have to be an autobiography but make sure you’ve got a strong overview of your career to date and a clear outline of your key skills and abilities. An easily read and ordered CV really does make a great first impression!

The same goes for LinkedIn – well-presented and detailed LinkedIn Profiles will get more attention from Recruiters who could have your dream job on their Desk!

Believe in the power of personal branding!

– Chris Archibald, Lead Consultant, IT



Tip #4 – Utilise your network! 


There is so much value in having a strong network, think of people that can help and advise you. This could be peers from university, ex lecturers or even people in the role that you’re aiming to secure. Reach out to these people for advice and this shared knowledge should help you in your job hunt!

– Nathalie Mulholland, Business Engagement Analyst



Tip #5 – Be honest with your recruitment consultant. 


Being honest with your recruitment consultant about other offers, interviews, and applications you currently have active will do nothing other than benefit you. This allows us as recruiters to put a rush on your applications and sometimes bargain better deals for you if our clients really want to bring you on board. This also leaves a better impression to our clients if you choose another offer as you have been honest the entire way through the process and you rejecting their offer for an offer for another company won’t come as a surprise.

– Cameron Fowlie, Recruitment Consultant, IT



Tip #6 – Be prepared. 


Have tangible examples of projects you have worked on in which your actions resulted in x business outcomes that are relevant to the role you are applying to. Research the company, know their values, and look up your interviewer on LinkedIn. Ask your recruiter any questions on the interview process/stage as it is likely they have specific top tips per role/client/process.

– Jessica Fellowes, Recruitment Consultant, IT



Tip #7 – Be positive. 


Staying positive while searching for a new job can be really difficult, especially if you are out of work while job hunting because of the mounting worries you might be facing. Keeping a positive attitude can help you stay optimistic, feel happier and less stressed going into interviews and will probably mean you land that dream job quicker.

Just keep reminding yourself to stay positive and of course, try to learn from any setbacks but don’t focus on them too much!

– Emily Huxtable, Internal Recruitment



Tip #8 – Study the job description!


It might sound ridiculous, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t focus on this. The job description tells you exactly what’s involved with the hiring position, so focus on each point and make sure you have examples/suggestions/knowledge on all of these. For example, underline or highlight any skills that are listed and research questions surrounding those specific topics.

This is exactly what the interviewer wants to know!

– Victoria Wilson, HR & Internal Recruitment



Tip #9 – Know your career goals. 


Make sure you know what you want from your career especially if you’re looking for your first job or changing careers. Set a clear and realistic goal, and set a clear plan to reach it. Doing this will help you narrow your job search and help you land your dream job quicker.

– Kim Holzer, Managing Consultant, IT



Tip #10 – Research your agency.


Make sure you go through a reputable agency that has strong relationships with businesses that you’d be considering for potential employment opportunities. The best agencies will have strong relationships with their clients which will help give you a more detailed understanding of the business when engaging in an interview process.

– George Worthington, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Capital Markets



Tip #11 – Master virtual interviews.


Even though virtual interviews have been the norm for quite a while now since the beginning of the pandemic, you would be surprised at how many people are not confident with video calling or even taking phone interviews (which were common long before the pandemic). These types of interviews can feel harder than an in-person interview for many reasons, including because you can’t pick up on your interviewer’s body language. However, getting comfortable and confident with these virtual interview formats will pay off massively in the long run.

– Arlo Sharma, Recruitment Consultant, IT



Tip #12 – Ask Questions!


I would say one of the most important things you can do to maximise your job hunting efforts is to ask lots of questions. Ask industry experts questions to find out more about how to get into the role or area you are interested in. Ask recruiters to get insider knowledge about the company or interviewer you are going to speak to. Ask your interviewer questions to find out whether their company is a good fit for you and to show you have a genuine interest in the company. At every stage ask lots of well thought out questions and you will set yourself up for success!

– Terry Walsh, Recruitment Consultant, Technology




We hope you learned something from our top tips and take them with you on your job hunting journey!

If you are looking for a new role in either the Technology or Capital Markets Sectors visit our website here to browse all of our live roles, or if you are interested in joining our team apply here and potentially even land your dream job in time for the New Year!



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