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My Placement Year – Lorcan Heenan

August 24, 2020

Hi, I’m Lorcan from Ulster University studying Finance and Investment Management. I decided to do a placement year as I felt it would give me the key skills for progressing into my final year of university. I also believed that taking a placement year would give me more confidence and that I would be able to go back to university and be a more well-rounded student.


There were a number of reasons for choosing Anson McCade for my placement year. One of the main reasons was that they would allow me to gain valuable information on the corporate world and the fact that each company operates differently while still being highly successful. Another factor for choosing Anson McCade was the potential financial benefits that could be achieved through hard work and performing well.


Over the year with Anson McCade there were a number of highlights for me, especially the brilliant team nights and dinners allowing me to build relationships with my team and really feel a part of the company. It is very hard to pin-point a specific highlight but my favourite thing about the year was probably meeting a variety of new people across the corporate sector in Belfast.


A key thing I have found over the year is that I have matured as an individual. I believe this will transfer across to my studies in university and that it will hopefully allow me to achieve a higher grade. I have also become a lot better at building relationships and feel more comfortable with meeting new people. The key thing that I will take away from this year would have to be my time management skills and my organisation skills, these have definitely improved thanks to Anson McCade.


I did still encounter a number of challenges at Anson McCade. The two major ones would have been my time management and organisational skills. Working for a year allowed me to develop these skills and I would now say that they are strengths of mine. I would definitely say I was thrown in the deep end with Anson McCade and I feel that it was the best thing for me, it really brought me on further and made my placement as successful as it was.


To other students looking at placement opportunities I could not recommend Anson McCade enough. They give you all you need to be successful and financially reward you for the time and effort that you put in.


You will gain more knowledge of the corporate world and experience more than you would think with a placement year and leave them being more prepared for the challenges of final year.

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